Your benefits in working with EDPSolutions

Thanks to comprehensive expert knowledge, EPDSolutions is able to support exploration companies with all matters related to oil, gas and geothermal exploration & production.

Utilising external know-how for oil, gas and geothermal deep drilling is often more effective, rather than maintaining the corresponding manpower in-house.

Whether you need expert knowledge for specific project tasks or are looking for comprehensive project support – EPDSolutions is the solution.

Advantages to you:

  • Relief for own personnel resources
  • Greater success and fewer problems thanks to additional expert know-how
  • Reduced stress by delegating tasks
  • Faster project progress, reduced deadline pressure
  • Cost reductions due to variable project costs
  • Increased flexibility by utilising additional personnel resources
  • Access to the latest expert knowledge for onshore and offshore projects

Contact Mr. Kuschel if you need project support for oil, gas or geothermal exploration & production. Your enquiry …   

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