Companyman & Company Representative

Definition of companyman – What does a companyman do?

Companyman refers to a representative or agent of the company.

Note: The terms “companyman” and “company representative” are often used synonymously!

In the oil industry, a companyman is a representative or agent acting by order and in the interests of the company. A companyman or company representative may be a drilling engineer, site manager, drilling foreman, company consultant, drilling supervisor or project manager.

Background: Normally onshore drilling rigs and offshore drilling platforms are rented or leased by the oil companies. Thus most of the workers on the drilling rigs are therefore employees of the drilling companies.

Companyman as representative of the customer

The companyman is an authorised representative of the oil company (gas company, geothermal company) who works on site, ensuring that the schedules and instructions, plans, specifications, requirements, budgets and other project management matters are carried out in the best interests of the customer (oil company).
(Wikipedia has further information on the occupation of “companyman in the oil industry”)

Companyman as a service provider for exploration, drilling & production

In-depth expertise, detailed technical knowledge and flexibility are key factors in the selection of a company representative or companyman for onshore and offshore crude oil, natural gas and geothermal exploration.
EDP Solutions is a companyman service provider experienced with major projects, committed to effectively supporting the oil industry in the economical realisation of exploratory drilling projects with offshore and onshore services.

-> Project manager for oil and energy companies
-> Exploration know-how and practical experience as a companyman